Whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s only one reason we shave—to remove hair from our bodies as completely as possible. For thousands of years, this has meant taking sharp blade to soft skin and slicing away.

The problem is finding a way to get the razor right down to skin-level without scraping the skin to the point of irritation-- or even cutting it open.

Existing shaving preparations use a lubricant on the surface of the skin to allow the hair to be cut while insulating the skin from the sharp blade. Dimethicone is one such chemical lubricant commonly used in shaving foams for this. There are others, and they all have two problems in common. They don’t work well enough, and they get scraped off as soon as the blade passes over the skin. Running the blade over an area a second time as most people do is actually shaving with no lubricant at all.

Can you say instant skin irritation?

Through 20 years of research on solids, we discovered a solution that actually works. By coming in a solid form, we can use our own ingredients that microscopically adhere to your skin and don’t get scraped off even with repeated shaving. Yet, it is so micro-thin, it gives you the finest, closest shave you’ve ever experienced. Only a solid can offer this amazing micro-glaze.

Add a little love to your skin—Solid Shave.