OK, let’s face it. We all care about our skin. Now, it’s true that women pay more attention to feeding and nurturing their skin than many men, but even men are becoming more aware of taking care of their skin today than ever before.

So, what exactly does skin care mean? Well no question, it’s probably different for each person you speak to. But, we could probably all agree that good skin care involves keeping the best of what you’ve naturally got, and staving off losing those good qualities over time.

Both age and the environment degrade your skin—make it become dry, scaly, flakey and irritated. They can also cause your skin to lose its elasticity, become sort of floppy and loose. And, of course, wrinkled.

Science has helped us develop a whole variety of skin treatments you to counter the effects of age and the environment. But, adding a skin care regimen to everything else we have to do in our hectic lives is often just too much work!

Fortunately for both men and women, you can treat your skin with elasticizers, exfoliants, moisturizers and all sorts of other good things without adding a single step to your daily personal care routine. Just shave with Solid Shave! Because it is a solid, it delivers a rich collection of opulent skin ingredients to your skin that no other shave preparation even comes close to.

 Add some love to your skin