Used to be shaving for men was pretty straightforward. Hot water, soap, and a single straightedge razor did the job. Of course, there was more to it than that, including no small amount of skill necessary to cut the whiskers and not the man’s neck.

Then came the technological revolution in shaving blades.

It started 100 years ago with the safety razor and the venerable double-edged replaceable blade. Two world wars intervened, but then the innovation resumed and along came the multi-blade razors… the Trac II, the Mach 3, the Quattro, and now, the 5-bladed Fusion.

In the process, we were given the choice of disposable razor cartridges and entirely disposable razors, lubricating strips, low-friction blade coatings, exotic tungsten materials, pivoting heads, battery-powered vibrating razors and even microchips.

In recent years, there has been a sort of rebellion among some men, returning back to the simplicity of the traditional double-edged safety razor and, among a very dedicated group, the resurgence of the cut-throat straightedge razor. These men are re-learning how to sharpen a high-carbon steel blade using old-fashioned honing stones and finish-stropping on a leather belt for the ultimate in a sharp, if delicate edge.

With all the innovation, technology and research given to the science and art of blade against skin, it’s enough to spin a man’s head. The good news is that no matter what razor and shaving choice a man makes, there has finally been a scientific breakthrough in the other half of shaving.

Solid Shave, the first new technology in the field of shaving preparations in 50 years, will make whatever shaving method you choose work better, give you a better shave, and leave your skin in better shape than ever before. So, choose whatever blade works best for you. But when it comes to your shaving preparation, there’s only one choice. Solid Shave.

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