Many people shave with soap and women seem to be the biggest proponents of this method. But soap is made from lye, a terribly harsh chemical that dries and attacks the skin—not a woman’s best choice.

Soap works by surrounding molecules of dirt, breaking their bonds with the skin and allowing them to be rinsed away with water. Because of the lye, soap does the same thing with the natural oils and moisturizers in human skin as well. Thus, when you lather up with soap and rinse it off, a whole lot of the natural emollients in your skin take a ride down the drain along with the water. And this is what you choose to shave with?

Of course, few of us wish to go through life without washing or shaving. Fortunately, Solid Shave is the solution. We made Solid Shave in a solid form specifically so it can be packed with all the right kinds of loving skin care ingredients that counteract the harsh, drying effects of soap on your skin. Instead of aggravating your skin when you shave with soap, you actually improve your skin when you shave with Solid Shave.

Add a little love to your skin—Solid Shave.

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