Solid Shave is packed full with oils, emollients and moisturizers. That’s why it’s actually a fantastic skin conditioning treatment, not just an incredible shaving system. Sold Shave features your choice of two different all-natural super-emollients, Kukui oil or Argan oil. But which Solid Shave should you select?

 Argan oil comes from the nut of the Argan tree, native only to Morocco. Argan trees are tended mostly by the women of morocco, who harvest the nuts and cold-press the unique oil we use in Solid Shave. Used by Moroccans for centuries to smooth the skin and keep it young, it is so mild it is even eaten as a food.

Kukui oil is an ancient Hawaiian skin balm and medicine that has special sun-protecting qualities among its many other amazing emollient qualities. It is so gentle it is even used on the delicate skin of infants.

 Choosing to use Solid Shave with Kukui will lend additional protection from the sun, while choosing Solid Shave with Argan oil will help the women of Morocco as you feed your skin, too.

 Choosing Solid Shave with Argan oil or Kukui oil will provide rich skin-loving benefits while you shave, so either one will work wonders for you. A nice choice to have!

Add a little love to your skin—Solid Shave.