Manscaping is a phenomenon sweeping through many young men in America that involves the complete removal of all male body hair, not just on the face. Where it started, or exactly when, is unclear. Perhaps it grew out of the custom of Olympic swimmers who shaved off all their body hair to improve their speed in the water. Or perhaps it grew out of the male ideal depicted in hairless Greek sculptures from antiquity. Maybe it is all part of the metrosexual look.

But no matter, manscaping has become so mainstream for some men that even such shaving titans as Gillette and Schick devote extensive pages and videos on their corporate web sites to this topic.

Why manscape? Men’s Fitness magazine explains it by saying, “women don’t want a man that looks like he crawled out of a cave.” Since women have been engaged in full-body hair removal forever, perhaps what’s been good for the goose is now just as good for the gander.

While a man’s choice to shave all the hair from his body is quite a personal one, carrying out the job does offer some unique new challenges for men accustomed to only shaving their faces. How do you handle all the odd angles and curves and—even more importantly—how do you shave what can only be called some very delicate areas of the male physiology?

Lots of that skin is quite sensitive and delicate, requiring something far better than any kind of traditional foam, gel, cream or shaving soap designed for a man’s face can deliver.

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