Tip #1: The Touch Test
Rub your hand over your skin to ensure Solid Shave's coverage before shaving. This is also helpful to redistribute product when taking additional passes over the same area. Solid Shave’s patented micro-glaze will provide complete protection from the blade if you have complete coverage. If you feel any drag on the skin at all, simply reapply and enjoy shaving!

Tip #2: From Our Master Barber: Steps To Achieve Your Closest Shave
1) Before you shave clean your skin to remove any grime or oil that may clog the pores.

2) Leave your skin wet and apply Solid Shave. 

3) Stretch your skin with your free hand or by puffing out your face, or both.  

 Stretching and puffing the skin fully exposes the hair allowing for a closer shave without the need to apply excess pressure on your razor.

Tip #3: Tips from the chemist
For Heavy Beards or 3+ Days W/O Shaving: To ensure optimal performance for shaving with Solid Shave I recommend the following:

Wet beard thoroughly and apply a generous amount of Solid Shave.  Gently massage Solid Shave with fingers to ensure deeper penetration of Solid Shave. Apply an additional coat of Solid Shave and shave as normal.