Throughout the history of Hawaii’s native cultures, the Kukui tree and the unique nut it produces have played an important role in the lives of the Hawaiian people. The symbol of peace and light to Hawaiians, the kukui nut delivers one of the most amazing natural oils found anywhere on earth.

Light amber in color, it is opulent in the same rich fatty acids found in human skin and was used by Hawaiians for centuries as a soothing skin balm to protect their skin against the intense South Pacific sun. Amazingly, it is one of only a few natural oils with no known toxicity and is a non-irritant, even to the eyes.

When we were searching for an all-natural source of emollients for Solid Shave that could replenish the skin when shaving, kukui oil was one of the very best discoveries we made. Solid Shave is the only shaving preparation using kukui that we know of, and offers this magical oil in such a high concentration that you get all the benefits native Hawaiians have known of for centuries—supple and elastic skin, great protection from the sun, and wonderful smoothing and soothing effects.

No wonder garlands of kukui are exchanged in Hawaiian wedding vows by the betrothed as symbols of their eternal love, and life itself.

Add a little love to your skin with Solid Shave.