Let’s say you aren’t happy with the quality of your shave. It isn’t close enough. It’s uneven. It irritates your skin. Sometimes it even hurts. And it takes a whole day for your skin to recover, right about the exact moment it’s time to shave again.

If you could invent your own shaving preparation to solve these problems, what would you create?

Foams and gels are liquid inside the can. And creams are obviously liquids as well. Liquids just can’t handle enough of the special ingredients you need for a great shave with great skin care, too.  But what if you could make a solid shaving preparation? You could just pack it with the right kind of kind of stuff!

Developing a solid formulation would give you an amazingly close and even shave. Irritation would be gone and shaving would never hurt. And rather than take a day to recover, your skin could actually be enriched while you shave.  

Liquids are the problem. Solids are the solution, and this is the story of Solid Shave.

We spent two decades developing the advantages Solid Shave gives you. What we created is the first new technology in shaving since foams, gels, creams, and soaps were first invented—and that’s a long time. Solid Shave is unique, and so are you when you use it. 

Add a little love to your skin—Solid Shave.

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