What if 30% of what you’re putting on your skin for shaving does nothing for you at all? Doesn’t give you a better shave, doesn’t help your skin… nothing! Terrible, you’d think.

But what if you could replace that useless 30% with stuff that actually does wonders for you? Good Stuff. What if that good stuff included moisturizers, and emollients, and exfoliants, and skin soothers, and oils? What if that good stuff included the same elements that naturally exist in your skin, but get depleted by shaving and washing and the sun and more? What if that good stuff also included new kinds of ingredients that would give you the best shave you’ve ever had—close and silky smooth? And what if that good stuff could do even still more—like actually keep your razor blade sharp?

Wow! That’d be awesome!

That’s exactly what we give you with Solid Shave. We’ve eliminated more than half of the water used in all those foams, gels, and creams and replaced it with a menu of luxurious, natural solid ingredients that bring you a level of skin care and the kind of close, smooth shave you’ve never experienced before. The best shave you’ve ever had with skin care you’ve never had. Because we perfected the solid.