Shaving makes your hair grow darker. Pressing the razor harder gives you a closer shave. Shaving frequently makes your hair become thicker. Only shave in the morning. Never shave in the morning. Always shave the day before your big event, never on the day…

Shaving myths-- they’re everywhere. Why is it that shaving for both men and women engenders so much in the way of legend and mystery, most all of it without any real proof to back it up?

Maybe it is because getting a smooth, close shave seems so easy but often proves so elusive.  Yet, most of the myths we encounter have no proof behind them and in some cases, have even been disproven by science.

When it comes to getting a great close shave, avoiding irritation, and actually nurturing your skin, no myths are necessary. Solid Shave, with its heavy concentration of skin care ingredients and unique micro-glaze that cushions the sharp razor blade from your sensitive skin is all you’ll ever need to know about shaving. And no ladies, rubbing garlic on your underarms before shaving won’t protect your skin... Solid Shave will.

Add a little love to your skin—Solid Shave