Moroccan Organic Argan Oil, often called, “liquid gold”, has restorative, revitalizing and anti-aging properties that improve and protect the condition and appearance of the skin with regular use.

Every time you shave you now have a healthy choice, which deeply nurtures, protects and improves the quality of your skin, the largest organ in your body.  

Why not make your shaving routine part of your healthy lifestyle and choose Solid Shave?

Shaving exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and creates a wonderful opportunity to restore and replenish the skin.  Organic Argan Oil with its high levels of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants is a perfect remedy.

It hydrates dull, dry skin, moisturizes scaly or flaky skin, soothes inflammation and protects against infection. It keeps the skin’s natural oils at a healthy level regulating acne-causing sebum production, stimulates the renewal of skin cells and boosts elasticity. Finally, it regulates the PH of the skin, which in turn protects against sun exposure and other environmental damage.

Solid Shave took the high-road in its formulation using Organic Argan Oil combined with other highly beneficial organic and natural ingredients that are healing and protective for the skin, including natural fragrance made from essential oils and non-toxic preservatives. In fact, the Natural Products Association has approved every ingredient used in Solid Shave.

Try Solid Shave now and make the healthy choice.

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