We all have struggles that we have to push through and now and again life can knock us off our feet.  Solid Shave is committed to bringing people together in support of a good cause and there is no better cause than helping to inspire and uplift a very special man who gives his all to inspire and uplift others.   

Jeff Julian has been the Head Coach at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center since 2004. Life has knocked him off his feet with a recent diagnosis of advanced lung cancer and we want to be part of the widespread effort already well underway to help Coach Jeff manage the costs of his treatment.  We gave Solid Shave to 21 of the local swimmers, Jeff's swimmers, to "Shave Down" with prior to their swim meet on February 14th.  Solid Shave will benefit swimmers by making shaving easy and comfortable and now orders placed will also benefit Coach Jeff.

 Give Solid Shave a try and 20% of all proceeds will be donated to #TEAMjeff.

 Use promo code TEAMjeff20 

"Over the past 10 years, Jeff has built an incredible TEAM of swimmers and families dedicated to pushing themselves to succeed in and outside of the pool.  He has helped us understand that swimming is truly a TEAM sport with swimmers, coaches and parents, working together to build momentum and support every swimmer’s success.   Now, it’s our turn to rally around Jeff and show him how we can help him achieve his goals." -www.teamjeff.org

We also encourage you to go beyond a purchase of Solid Shave and support #TEAMjeff by buying a TEAMjeff t-shirt.  You can find more information on their website at TEAMjeff.

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